How to enjoy your King Louie items even longer

We design clothes that will make you happy and will preferably last several seasons. Your favorite dress will last for years if you take good care of it. Here you will find our favorite tips. Washing, grooming and mixing and matching: this is how you get the best out of your King Louie items.

How to wash King Louie garments

Did you know? Washing takes up the biggest part of the CO2 emissions and energy consumption of your garment. So wash with care, and you’ll automatically help the environment.

Fabrics & Product Care

Do you know how to take care of different types of fabrics? And what all the symbols on your washing labels mean? Find out everything you need to know on cotton, viscose, polyester and more.

Your own capsule collection in 6 steps

Many people have a closet full and yet have nothing to wear. Imagine, you open your closet and only see your favorite pieces. Wonderful, isn't it?

How to shop sustainable

By being more conscious and deliberate with what you wear, you become more aware of what you really want.  That's great, because only buying what you need is the most sustainable. There are more things to look out for.


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