Shipping & delivery

Many countries have taken measures that affect the delivery of post and parcels. Please note that your delivery might be delayed.

Shipments to and from UK/and Ireland are temporarily suspended. Because of that it is not possible to order and ship to these countries.
We apologies for the inconvenience. Hopefully we can service you again soon!

Shipping costs

Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Switzerland, Finland, Poland and other East-European countries.



Shipping costs

EU-countries (including Austria)


Non-EU and outside Europe






We dispatch our orders through UPS on the following working day. UPS will send you an email with the status of your shipment. You can track your parcel during the entire process of delivery.  You can see our delivery rates below. Is your destination not listed? Then please contact us.


Didn't receive your package?

Shipments with UPS can be traced through the UPS website. If your parcel hasn't been delivered after receiving a shipment confirmation, please check your neighbours and the nearest post office. If you have any other problems which relate to shipment or delivery of your parcel, please contact us.


Have you received a damaged or incomplete package?

Is one of the items from your order missing, or has the package arrived damaged? Then please contact our customer service. If you have any complaints regarding the delivery of the package, we refer you to the customer service of UPS.


Important information for Swiss customers

Please keep in mind, that additional customs fees will be charged by the UPS driver at the delivery. These charges are defined by the Swiss customs and are based on the total order amount.

If you return multiple items and you would like to receive a refund for the paid custom charges of these articles, we advise you to contact the Swiss customs authority for information this regarding.


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