King Louie & Sustainability

We take our responsibility in contributing to a sustainable future. Sustainability is at the heart of our brand. From materials to transportation, from packaging to full transparency, from long-term collaborations to a timeless design. It’s the foundation for everything we do.


Sustainability is at the heart of our brand

We want to make our products as sustainable as possible, to limit the burden on the environment. Timeless items with a long lifespan. We take our time to design the perfect fit and find the right fabric quality, for the highest quality products. As a result, we sell clothes that you can enjoy for a long time.

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Sustainable materials

Good for people and good for the planet

We strive to use more sustainable materials for every collection we make. Nearly all of the fabrics that we use are certified. You will find these labels on our products. We have an active policy to ban hazardous chemicals from our supply chain. King Louie also signed the Amsterdam Green Deal Circular Textile in 2021, a fashion alliance to produce fully circular clothes.

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Long-term collaborations & transparency

We have made the conscious decision to work with a limited number of production countries; Turkey (52%) and China (48%), and we believe in long-term collaborations. We visit our manufacturers frequently, and we have been working with one of our biggest suppliers for over 20 years. We want to offer full transparency about with whom and where we work. That’s why our complete list of manufacturers is available online. 

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Fair working conditions

Equal rights for everyone

We believe that it’s important that our products are made under fair working conditions. Everyone working in the clothing industry should have a safe work environment and receive a living wage. We do our best to make this a reality with our Living Wage projects, and by working together with Fair Wear Foundation.

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Packaging & Transportation

A sustainable journey from us to you

Shipment and packaging are also processes that we keep a close eye on. At the moment, we are testing a new biodegradable shipment packaging, which we hope to start using soon. For the transportation of our goods, we also try to reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

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King Louie ReLove

What can you do?

With ReLove, we want to inspire everyone to make responsible choices. We want to give everyone a new perspective on clothing. We encourage people to choose, reduce, repair and combine. And we want to show you how you can take proper care of your clothes and make your own ‘capsule collection’.

Get inspired by our tips.

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We care about being a responsible and social company. That’s something we work on every day. We approach this as a constant process of improvements, and we’ll continue to move towards our goal.


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