What do you have in your closet? Select, reduce and create new combinations with clothes you’ve stopped wearing. We give you tips on how to take good care of your clothes, but also how to make your own capsule collection.


When was the last time you shopped vintage or secondhand and have you ever considered borrowing clothes?


Be inspired by our tips.


Less is more. Especially when it comes to the contents of your wardrobe. Making environmentally conscious choices and developing your personal style starts in your own wardrobe. What do you already have in your closet, what suits your figure and what is the quality of your (new) garment? By using your clothes more consciously, you will know better and better what suits you. That's great, because only buying what you need is the most sustainable.


Choose your closet, divide your clothes into categories, select, reduce, set yourself a goal. Maybe you want to make a capsule collection, or separate summer and winter for a better overview. What do you have (too) much of? What stays and what goes away?

Create your own capsule collection

Buy sustainable clothing


Another way to consume more sustainably is to borrow instead of buying. Since 2019, King Louie has a collaboration with Lena fashion Library in Amsterdam and Kleiderei in Hamburg. Here you can borrow clothing from King Louie in addition to beautiful vintage pieces. It is the perfect way to find out whether a certain color, model or style suits you without having to purchase a new garment immediately.

Take a look at Lena or Kleiderei.


Did you know that most of the CO2 emissions and energy consumption of your clothes are caused by washing? And that research shows that we leave about 70% of our clothes hanging in the closet unworn? By treating our clothing with more respect, we automatically treat the environment more respectfully.


By the way, taking good care of your clothes is not difficult. It mainly means that you should not do a number of things. So read our tips about washing, maintenance & storage.


Research has shown that a large part of our clothes hangs in the closet unworn. A waste of space in your closet, but also a waste of those unworn clothes!


Go through your wardrobe, what do you give up and who will you make happy with these clothes? You can donate or sell them. And have you ever thought about organizing a swap event for friends or colleagues?


We organized a swap event and donated the proceeds to Dress for Succes.



Sell ​​the clothes that you no longer wear on a market or via a second-hand platform such as: Vinted, The Next Closet, Facebook or Marktplaats.


We have listed a number of tips for you on how to organize a successful clothing swap yourself.

We organize swap events under the name 'Swap to Shop'. Keep an eye on our newsletter and socials for the latest information.

By buying second hand, you reuse items that have been produced before and do not require new raw materials. You can now buy vintage treasures at our Brand Store in Amsterdam. Find out more about King Louie Archives.


If you’ve cleaned up your closet, chances are you have discovered old pearls that you can wear again with great pleasure. But what do you do with the garments that you don't know how to combine?


We are happy to help you with this! Do you also have such a piece of clothing in the closet? Take a picture of it and send it to us via Instagram @kinglouiefashion and who knows, you might see your dress or pants in our stories.


Styling tips

On Instagram TV you will find a number of Masterclasses in which we give styling advice. For example, give not so obvious combinations a try, such as a summer dress with a warm wool sweater so you can wear it in the fall as well. Or combine a rollneck top and a blazer with a summer dress for a chic outfit to wear to an appointment or work. Finally, you can also wear closed cardigans as a sweater and wear a V-neck cardigan the other way around for a beautiful back décolleté. Put your own spin on fashion!


Nowadays we too quickly throw away clothing that can be easily repaired or altered.


Is there a hole in your favorite item of clothing or do you have clothes in your closet that are just not quite right? Plan an afternoon off and get started. Anyone can sew on buttons. Does that pile remain or are there difficult "projects" in there? Then find a good tailor in your area so that you can wear your favorite clothes again. We organize Seasonal Repair days, visit our Brand Store in Amsterdam or our mobile Repair Truck for repairs and advice.


Do you have clothes that really cannot be saved anymore? You may be able to use the material for something else. In any case, never throw away textiles, but hand them in at a recycling point. Check the waste separation guide Waste Saparation Guide for advice.


King Louie signed the Amsterdam Green Deal Circular Textile agreement in 2021 and participates in the Innovation Lab, together with other pioneers in the field of sustainable fashion. In 2022, we will launch our first products made entirely from recycled King Louie items.


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