Sustainability is at the heart of our brand

We want to make our products as sustainable as possible, to limit the burden on the environment. Timeless items with a long lifespan. We take our time to design the perfect fit and find the right fabric quality, for the highest quality products. As a result, we sell clothes that you can enjoy for a long time.

King Louie works for a more sustainable fashion industry every day. This is reflected in more and more aspects at our company. From sustainable packaging and transportation to the design of timeless items with a long lifespan. But also, important things like fair working conditions, the use of sustainable materials (77%) and launching green events. Because of these efforts, we can now proudly say that sustainability is at the heart of our brand. 


‘’The global fashion industry causes a lot of pollution. Fast fashion companies work with a ‘throw-away’ business model and their (too) low prices cause overconsumption.

Fortunately, awareness for sustainable business and consumption is increasing, and companies and consumers are changing their attitude. The same goes for King Louie. We have been working on making our materials more sustainable for years. By now, we can proudly say that 77% of our materials is sustainable and we strive to increase this percentage over the coming years. We also stimulate fair working conditions and a safe work environment in collaboration with Fair Wear Foundation.

Now we feel it is time to start doing ‘more good’. King Louie is ambitious to become a purpose driven company, with a growing positive contribution to people and planet. On the people part we will zoom into making life better for our workers, for example through our Living Wage projects. Moreover, King Louie has early 2023 launched its first circular garments, which yarns are made from post-consumer textile waste. We continue our path in reducing our (carbon) impact and footprint. The end of 2022 we launched a tech-driven transparency tool called Retraced.

We also try to increase consumer awareness by organizing green events. Such as swapping events, repair-days & masterclasses on sustainable consumption. This is all part of our sustainable initiative; King Louie ReLove.’’ - CEO Jeroen Dijkema

Read more about our standards, values and sustainable agreements in the 'Responsible Business Conduct Agreement' by King Louie CEO Jeroen Dijkema.

Timeless designs & trend-sensitivity

While designing a new collection, the term ‘timeless’ is always a priority at King Louie. Our designers rarely look at trends, and we think it’s important that our clothes don’t just have a perfect silhouette and fit for optimal enjoyment, but also that the quality of our items guarantees that they will last a lifetime. This makes it extra important to take proper care of these products. Read more about our wear & care instructions here. 




During our production process, we spend a lot of time and attention on designing the best fit and finding the right fabric quality. In order to be able to guarantee this, all of our manufacturers work with a ‘fabric standard’ that we have established. This stipulates the quality requirements for our clothes. A few examples: color fastness, shrinkage margin, washing instructions, pilling resistance and weight.

Before the start of production, we receive a sample of each fabric for approval. We inspect, weight and feel these samples, to make sure that the quality is stable. 

The supplier is responsible for supplying the fabric as agreed, making sure it meets the quality standards. The quality report can always be viewed by King Louie upon request. 

We also check the fabric quality ourselves; we wash and wear the clothes to get ahead of any complaints and comments. We also have a solid foundation of fabrics that we have been using for a long time, so we know what to expect from those. Such as our Cocoon and Heart Ajour blends.

Finally, an important part of the lifespan of clothing depends on how consumers care for the items, with King Louie ReLove we try to inspire our customers to take good care of their clothes. 

Increasing lifespan


Since we pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products, we make items that last a long time. But maybe you want to make some changes to your wardrobe. ‘Old’ King Louie items are perfect for clothing swaps or selling on secondhand online platforms and markets. Many items get a second chance, so the ‘price per wear’ is relatively low.


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