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Fabrics & Product Care

General tips to keep your clothes looking beautiful

Wash as little as possible

We put a lot of garments in the laundry before they are actually dirty. Sometimes there is only an annoying smell of smoke or food. Airing your clothes outside or steaming them in a hot bathroom is often enough to make the clothes fresh and wearable. Every time you wash clothes, you damage the textile fibers.

Use little detergent

Really! Too much detergent is neither good for your laundry nor your washing machine. If you use too much detergent, soap residues and organic matter (skin flakes, grease, hair) together form a sludge. This can cause a bad smell, and stains and streaks. Also, the washing machine needs more energy and water to wash away excess detergent, which is bad for the environment.

Sort by material

It is actually more important to sort your laundry by material than by color. Do not wash delicate fabrics with raw fabrics. The raw fabric can easily damage the fibers of the delicate fabrics. For example, don’t wash a pair of jeans with a silk blouse.

Hand wash versus wool wash

Do you often hand wash because you do not dare to put a piece of clothing in the washing machine? Then choose a wool-washing program. This is often safer than a hand wash. With a hand wash it is difficult to regulate the temperature and you therefore quickly wash a garment too hot. Moreover, you are often inclined to rub a lot on the fabric and wring it out after washing, as a result of which you easily damage fragile fibers. A wool wash is safe because it washes at low temperature, hardly centrifuges and the tumble drier goes back and forth instead of full circles.

Want to get rid of sweat smells?

Do not wash your clothes at a higher temperature or with more detergent to get out a sweat smell. But: let your clothes soak in vinegar for a couple of hours (or rather over night), and then wash them on the washing program that is indicated in your garment. Your garment will smell fresh again!

Washing symbols explained

Washing symbols explainedWashing symbols explained


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