A limited vintage collection:

King Louie Archives

On this page we will tell you more about the origin of King Louie Archives, a collection of vintage treasures we sell in our Brand Store in Amsterdam.

Vintage DNA

Vintage has been part of our identity since King Louie's started in the 1980s. The brand originated in a second-hand store and on the Noordermarkt in the Jordaan in Amsterdam. You can read more about our origins here.

Vintage is in our DNA and still serves as a rich source of inspiration for the development of our collections. The design team searches for vintage items that can be translated into today's fashion. They scour websites, visit vintage stores and find vintage treasures during work trips abroad. Special attention is paid to unique color combinations, details, silhouettes and materials.


As you can expect, quite a few unique pieces have been collected in over 40 years King Louie. All these items are stored in our vintage archive. Here we cherish vintage treasures that each carry their own unique story. These items have often been worn for many years and are of high quality.

Many items have a timeless design, so you can wear them for a long time. Think of beautiful details such as ajour knits, colorful prints, ruffles or special buttons.

We take our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. From materials to transport, packaging materials, long-term partnerships with our suppliers and timeless designs. It is the foundation for everything we do. We see this as a continuous improvement process and we will continue to take steps in this direction. Read more about our sustainability goals here.

King Louie Archives

We want to invigorate our sustainable character even more by sharing our vintage collection with you under the name; King Louie Archives. In this way, we hope these vintage items will get a wonderful second life, and try to inspire you to consume more consciously.

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